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Wind is alive

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Wind is alive is a speculative design project
which imagines wind machines as living creatures making traces on the abstracted landscape of Maasvlakte 2, the port of Rotterdam’s extension.
Wind is alive is showing that wind is more  than a resource to extract or a risk factor to monitor and control. Wind is inextricably tied to life. Wind is alive and gives life to the wind machines, transforming them in creatures with agency on their own habitat.
Each creature belongs in an habitat (the tile) and produces an effect in (on) it: a trace. Each trace is to be imagined in a specific temporal framework. From a trace without future, a shadow, to long
lasting marks on a petrified surface. In every habitat, time acquires a different dimension.
Materially, this is made possible through the use of different materials ands different mixes in the plaster casting. Each tile is made up of a different mix of plaster, sand and charcoal, following a series of tests I organised in an archive.
The extraction of elements from the landscape of Maasvlakte 2 was done purposefully with loose concerns for the dimensions of the original elements, to allow the creatures to be scaleless.

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