Ciccaglione STUDIO                                                                                                                             



Reseach> Angelo Ciccaglione, Noelle Ingeveldt, Nury Lee
Design and production> Ciccaglione Studio
Photography> Magdalena Wierbizka
Show> Borderlands
Exhibition venue> Wijkkoop

Orbits is an experimental design project which criticises colonialist displacement of cultural goods. Starting from a research on the ethnographic museum of Rotterdam, Wereldmuseum, and an investigation on dutch colonial history I focused this project on the act of physical movimentation of cultural goods.
Orbits consists of a rotating crane-like structure which lifts a leaking box full of salt, transforming the crane in a drawing machine. The object is activated by a person pushing the box along the circle, making an abstract drawing mostly dictated by the structure itself and gravity.
The criticism the project is making is strictly tied to the contents of the box. If the installation is re-enacting the movement of the cultural good in the box, the performance of the visitors and the
salt drawing are changing the cards on the table. The box is being pushed in circles with no destination until all the salt contents are transformed in a drawing. In other words, whatever colonial good wascontained in the box dematerialised in a white powder. The extraction of the colonial good from its context makes its value and even its materiality come apart.

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