Ciccaglione STUDIO                                                                                                                             



Research> Angelo Ciccaglione, Katharina Kasinger, Noelle Ingeveldt, Rachel Refael. 
Design and production> Ciccaglione Studio
Photography> Chiaramente Studio
Exhibition space
> Hofbogen
Show> The Social Body

Location> Rotterdam


Almonde community is based in Almondestraat, in Rotterdam Noord. It is made up of young people coming from all over the world, “urban nomads” looking for their own place in the city. The comunity is an extremely flexible organism, constantly changing and redefining itself. As Almonde community is being evicted from its home because of gentrification, the numerous initiatives it produces need to be reorganised spatially and logistically. Almonde’s is an inflatable space owned by the community which acts as a center of operations. There, current initiatives may be organised and new ones may be invented. The program of the space envisions two big flexible spaces and two service spaces in the back, a bathroom and a kitchen.
People of the community may gather there and, along with anyone willing to participate, decide on what activities to do together.  Almonde’s is a space where the community is made.

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