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Ciccaglione Studio is a design and research studio based in Rotterdam founded by Angelo Ciccaglione in 2021.
Angelo Ciccaglione (b.1995) holds an MA (cum laude) in Interior Architecture Research and Design from Piet Zwart Institute and his projects have been exhibited for Dutch Design Week and ART Rotterdam among others. 
Angelo collaborates with more established studios supporting their design process as a freelancer while he pursues his autonomous research and explores experimental pedagogical practices. From architecture scale models to exhibition design, any project which require design and building skills. 

Angelo’s research focuses on how spaces and objects are perceived through the body, challenging established ideas of design and it connects to several fields of theory. His practice is informed by a looping relationship between intense theoretical study and hands on multiple-media experimentation, ranging from analog photography to powerful electric  machines and dust. 

Ciccaglione Studio (NL)


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