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MA graduation project

Design & production> Ciccaglione Studio
Photography> Chiaramentestudio
Analog photography + video> Ciccaglione Studio
Exhibition space> Hofbogen
Show> The In-Between
Curation> Sharmyn Cruz Riviera


30.90582 is a spatial design originating from a deep theoretical research culminated in the MA thesis text “The deposition of dust: interiority and presence in Zen for Film by Nam June Paik”. 30.90582 is a volume of air and dust surrounded by plastic membranes describing the atmospheric condition of the interior.
This project reflects on the differential in material density between the interior, full of air and dust, and the solid architecture by situating itself in between by increasing the density of its air. 30.90582 challenges the notion of “empty space” amplifying the presence of both air and dust through a dust-machine, while preventing the dust to escape with a quarantine tent like space.
The “dust-machine” acts as a drawing apparatus: it shoots dust up all around the enclosed space producing a fine mist which slowly deposits on every surface. A veil of dust covers the floor and all the objects in the space and becomes a media through which the presence of visitors is drawn on the space itself. At the end of the exhibition I have documented the traces with photography.
The visitor is the activator of the installation, being the one who pours the dust inside the dust-machine and causing the explosion of dust.


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